Connecting the Dots


Building a new Internet started as a dream. The internet was supposed to be democratic and open to all. We lost our faith. Things need to change. Time for change!

We figured out a new approach. A different way of looking at technology, sharing knowledge and human collaboration; But foremost, we needed code. New software.

Removing complexity, open source software, autonomy and integrity, all was being written into new code; systems need to use less power and run better algorithms.

and then came the platform idea

A new Internet platform needs to be scalable, secure and self-healing. Less complex, extremely scalable. More open, less vulnerable. And no human intervention, no human error.

We are building the software for a stateless computing grid, connected to a indepedent blockchain network using autonomous robots to make it self-healing.

Software for the Edge Cloud


Our technology allows you to build scalable, secure and decentralized Internet platforms which are able to run any workload: windows, linux, virtual machines, software containers, large-scale archive, private blockchains, big data algorithms, etc.

The openess of our code makes it auditable and enables our community to contribute and participate in the success. It allows for a better delivery of qualitive network. The openess of the source code allows for everyone to check for backdoors and vulnerabilities.

All our technology is open-source and is freely distributed. Parties with limited users can receive support with a fair source license. GIG also offers commercial licenses for companies needing ongoing support and version-controlled releases.