GIG Developers Community

GIG is contributing 100% of its code to the open-source community. We already have hundreds of developers working with our software tools to build Edge Cloud solutions.

At the bottom of this page you can register as a developer and get in touch with us

If you are complete new to GIG, please join our free Early Adopter Program.

Welcome to GIG’s Early Adopter Program

Together with our valued partners and believers, it is our aim to create a secure, self-healing and scalable Internet. Joining our Early Adopter Program (EAP) for Zero-OS, you will sit in the driver’s seat of innovation and revolution.

10 Benefits of Joining the EAPs

  1. Access to free capacity, a lot of free capacity, neutral and green
  2. Access to rapid innovation and advanced developer tools
  3. Access to technical support and our forums with your peers
  4. Participate in building a joint roadmap, suggesting features
  5. Discuss Zero-OS, but also the sub-components, e.g. Zero-Stor
  6. Receive technical support for your own lab from lead engineers
  7. Access to all training material, presentations and videos
  8. Access to the newest software releases, prior to the main community
  9. Become a platform evangelist for GIG in your part of the world
  10. Launch your startup or software project on top the global infrastructure

Join our Developer Programs

Our 2017 program is related to Zero-OS and consists of 12 modules. This enables anyone with a technical background to become a network host and Zero-OS specialist, while we are adding more and more network nodes to create a global grid. Zero-OS is our stateless and lightweight Linux operating system, designed for clustered deployments, to host containerized application and virtual machines.

The EAP gives you a full 360 about Zero-OS

  • Software design
  • Software components
  • Finding your way in the repos
  • Dozens of how-to’s
  • Development of use cases

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