The End of Cloud Computing

Return to the Edge

Peter Levine, general partners at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, explains the investment opportunity of edge computing in this video.

“I’m going to take you out to the edge to show you what the future looks like.” So begins Peter Levine as he takes us on a crazy tour of the history and future of cloud computing — from the constant turns between centralized to distributed computing, and even to his Forrest Gump rule of investing in these shifts.

We invite professional investor in Edge Computing and The Edge Cloud to get in touch with us

We also invite individual investors and angel investors to read further about the Threefold Token, our digital currency running on our Blockchain network.

Tokenizing The Edge Cloud

GIG has also partnered with the Threefold Token Foundation to create a payment mechanism for the purchase of IT capacity based on Threefold Tokens and the execution of smart contracts.

This enables us to have a decentralized and automated execution of workload provisioning, as well register the state of the Edge network from capacity planning to activity tracking, resulting in audit trails.

Sponsors and investors can purchase tokens at Threefold Token Foundation helping the foundation to deploy more capacity at The Edge.

Developers and software engineers can use tokens to consume capacity, such as reserve and utilize compute time, storage and network services.

The values behind the Threefold Token are:

  • Backed: Each Token is backed by real assets. Tokens are a currency for buying and selling IT capacity.
  • Green: Rivine’s blockchain algorithms enable an ultra-safe and scalable compute/storage grid while being 10x more power efficient.
  • Neutral: All of tech is open-source. GIG capacity and nodes are registered on our transparent and immutable blockchain.

Why a new digital currency?

Digital currencies are well on the way to full acceptance as a mainstream currency in the future - providing significant benefits such as direct peer to peer transactions, greater trust secured by cryptography and mathematics; lower charges; faster transactions and no single point of failure.

However, major problems remain such as scalability issues, slow transaction times, impossible energy requirements, reputational issues, no identity management - and most importantly, a general absence of intrinsic value backed by real assets.

GIG Technology and the Threefold Foundation have resolved these technical challenges.

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