Self-Healing: Autonomous Agents Healing Your Cloud

Autonomous and Self-Healing

GIG uses autonomous agents that identify and configure available resource pools for users looking for compute time, storage disks and application hosts.

GIG has developed Jumpscale and At Your Service (AYS) which allows the creation of blueprints to auto-deploy applications within the compute environment.

Autonomous agents are thus constantly checking the health and uptime of the infrastructure and runtime environments, guaranteeing performance & availability of customer’s applications.

When the agents detect a problem, it automatically migrates the IT workload to a different, healthy environment, without application downtime or infrastructure outage.

Benefits of Jumpscale and At Your Service

  • Self-Healing: the platform regenerates when health issues are detected that cause downtime of the infrastructure and applications
  • Intelligence: autonomous agents capture all kinds of grid information in order to make intelligent decisions in provisioning the ideal host platform for software code and containerized applications
  • Lifecycle Management: recording of the state of infrastructure and lifecycle management of running applications while autonomous agents have the ability to take necessary actions
  • Autoscaling: the autonomous agents check performance of your applications and automatically scale accordingly to meet application and infrastructure service levels

Built on GitHub

Find Jumpscale by GIG at Github

  • At Your Service
  • Cockpit
  • Core9