Blockchain Technology: Tokenizing the Cloud

The Edge Cloud: Scalable and green blockchain

GIG has developed new blockchain algorithms based on proof of stake in order to achieve a extremely scalable blockchain with a distributed consensus mechanism. The software is called Rivine and has been implemented for and Threefold Token.

The ambition is to run a new blockchain network using Edge Cloud infrastructure and become 100% independent of the fast-growing, but not scalable Bitcoin network, as well as the over-functional Ethereum network.

As a matter of fact, GIG does not need 3rd party software or blockchain-enabled capacity networks such as bitcoin and ethereum to make Edge Cloud infrastructure available across the world.

GIG’s Rivine blockchain uses computer and energy resource in the most efficient way to execute smart contracts and record the state of the grid network onto our own distributed ledger.

GIG has developed Rivine as blockchain technology, acting as platform foundation for a scalable, green and secure ledger for token distribution and the execution of smart contracts.

The blockchain embraces the use of tokens, acting as carriers of value - cryptocurrencies - and smart contracts in order to facilitate the payments for capacity and services.

Last but not least, Rivine is also the foundation for the latest generation identity and access management platform,

Blockchain Benefits

  • Green: our consensus algorithms use a minimal amount of energy/electricity compared to any other blockchain network
  • Lowest possible cost of transactions make makes a payment or execution of a smart contract fast and highly efficient
  • Neutral: the health and state of the grid network and running applications are recorded onto the blockchain to make the service availability transparent and immutable
  • Payment fulfillment: transactions are automatically paid using ThreeFold Tokens, a secure and green cryptocurrency backed by real assets
  • Smart Contracts: our blockchain technology enables a fully automated execution of smart contracts from customers buying IT capacity with Tokens.

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