Self-Healing: Autonomous Agents Healing Cloud

The Edge Cloud: Autonomous and Self-Healing

GIG uses autonomous agents to identify and configure available bare-metal resource pools for users looking for compute and run-time, storage and archive, and application hosting.

GIG has developed Jumpscale and At Your Service (AYS) which allows the creation of blueprints to auto-deploy applications within the compute environment.

Our autonomous robots are being fed with the human-readable blueprints. These robots look for available Edge Cloud resources in order to execute the blueprints using computer run-time and any storage that is required.

Also, our robots are constantly checking the health and uptime of the infrastructure and run-time environments, guaranteeing performance & availability of customer’s applications.

When the agents detect a problem, it automatically migrates the IT workload to a different, healthy environment, without application downtime or overall IT outage.

Benefits of Jumpscale and At Your Service

  • Self-Healing: the platform regenerates when health issues are detected that cause downtime of the infrastructure and applications
  • Intelligence: autonomous agents capture all kinds of Edge Cloud information in order to make intelligent decisions in provisioning the ideal host platform for software code and containerized applications
  • Lifecycle Management: recording of the state of infrastructure and lifecycle management of running applications while autonomous agents have the ability to take necessary actions
  • Autoscaling: the autonomous agents check performance of your applications and automatically scale accordingly to meet application and infrastructure service levels

Built on GitHub

Find Jumpscale by GIG at Github

  • At Your Service
  • Cockpit
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