Stateless Computing: Tech for the Edge Cloud

The Edge Cloud: Why Stateless Computing?

The creation of a new Internet based on 100 of thousands of smaller and larger edge nodes needs a complete new operating system that lowers the cost to run compute and storage, while getting the max performance out of it.

GIG took a complete new approach and turns bare-metal servers and storage systems into Edge Cloud hosts. We use a complete new server operating system: Zero-OS.

GIG developed Zero-OS from the ground up and in function of the need to delpoy bare machines as edge computing nodes and application hosts.

Zero-OS creates the ideal compute platform to run containerized applications and software code on secure and high-available IT infrastructure.

Zero-OS can be deployed by anyone that is willing to make server and storage capacity available in their markets and who is willing to share the capacity within our Edge Cloud.

Benefits of Stateless Computing

  • Performance: lightweight OS with a minimal overhead, for extreme performance
  • Free: finds the optimal performance configuration of server & storage nodes at no extra cost
  • Privacy: no data footprint remains in place while workloads move from one node to another
  • Distributed: capacity is generated without the need for datacenters: At The Edge
  • High-available: easy creation of clusters while applications run in fragmented segments
  • Portability: moving software from one node to another within the grid is instant
  • Secure: open-source distributed software with transparent code. No security backdoors
  • Green: energy-efficient OS resulting in very low node power consumption

Build on GitHub

Find Zero-OS at Github

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